Simple and Easy, That’s Frugll. 

A penny saved and a penny earned.

What is Frugll?

We Save you Money!

Our team of professional consultants are hungry to put more money in the piggy bank of every consumer, so you don't have to be a money saving pro to live like one. If there's a more frugal way, we make it the Frugll way. We find lower cost and higher quality alternatives to each of your regular expenses. In fact, we have been connecting every-day people with more of their hard earned cash this way for years!

So you Can Feel Adventurous!

With all the money you had going to bills now back in your pocket, you can do more of what you love, or even invest and grow all your new savings. Paying out less money to the same big companies, simply means there's more for you: More fun, more peace of mind, more time, more travel, more options. Enjoy the freedom that comes with being frugal. You deserve it!

How Frugll works:

Free Energy

Frugll's premier service addresses the most unavoidable bill you face: Power. We'd love to analyse your bill to see if we can lower or eliminate it.

Energy Cost

Did you know that you can directly compete with your local power company by producing your own electricity? Get this... Solar panels will save you THOUSANDS!

Live Green &
Save Green

Yes, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save money at the same time! Environmentally conscious, or financially conscious... Either way, you win with Frugll.

Frugll Crew Spotlight

Jordan F.

"After 13 years of connecting my customers with services that save them money, it never gets old. I love meeting new people and blessing their lives."

Josh G.

"I work close to home, and I enjoy that Frugll helps my neighbors keep more cash, and that it stays local. I love what Frugll is able to do for communities."

Jake B.

"While working for frugll, I've been able to help so many people get rid of their power bill and produce their own, clean energy. I love my job."

Where is Frugll?

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