Solar is second to none in...

Rhode Island!

In Rhode Island You Get Paid

for your solar production!

Rhode Island is the #1 State for Residential Solar in the United States! The benefits have never been this lucrative for homeowners, and may never be again. Now is the time to act!

Why is Residential Solar Power

so HOT in Rhode Island?

Rhode Island and National Grid got behind the ball on meeting their mandated Green energy production...

So… Rhode Island gave National Grid a grant to get up to speed on creating renewable energy sources, and created the Renewable Energy Growth program  (

With these funds, National Grid is offering to purchase solar energy at a premium rate from Home Owners like you (who qualify for the program) to avoid penalties for non-compliance.

When we say Premium

We MEAN.....


(almost double the R.I. power rates)

Current Bill for power:
18¢ /kwh
Current credit rate for solar:
34.75¢ /kwh


is on your side!

Qualifying Homes will literally MAKE MONEY by going solar, as the cash for your solar energy will far outweigh the cost of your system.
UNFORTUNATELY , Only about 1 in 4 homes are a great fit for the program , but don’t worry! You have Frugll on your side!

At Frugll, we are advocates for living GREEN AND LEAN!  We are out to find suitable homes, run reports, and make assessments to identify the best candidates for the Renewable Energy Growth program. Frugll facilitates consumer savings!!!

A Little Bit About Frugll

We Partner with:
We Partner with:
5 Star Rated Company
• Provided Solar Services Since 2011.
• Provide money saving options for every customer!

Here's the problem...

Power the old way..

Rising Costs over time

No Ownership

No Options

Non-renewable sources

Here's the solution!

Power the Frugll Way!

Fixed Lower Costs

Own It!

Choose your savings!

Clean & Green!

Here's what we do!

1.) Verify your're a good solar canidate

2.) Show you your options and expected savings

3.) Install & Warranty Your Solar System

4.) Hook up your new panels to  National Grid

What Does It Mean For You?

1.) Power produced is bought from you at a higher rate!

2.) Power used is billed at  normal rate.

3.) Difference between production credit and usage bill is desposited in your bank.

How about the great...


• If we run your report and see that you qualify, your green energy Credits will MORE than cover your solar payment

• 30% Federal Tax Rebate

• Zero Out of Pocket

•  We take care of everything

• Monthly Deposits from National Grid straight into your bank account

•  Save up-to 30-50% or more off your power bill!

•  Incredible, all-inclusive warranties for up to 20 years.

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